Just checking in with some new info on upcoming releases. Some exciting stuff coming up in February with the release of Laser Toad 2.0. Laser Toad was one of my earliest creations, made when I had very little knowledge of what I was doing and was just dipping my toes into the toy making world. I always felt it deserved better and it posed a new challenge for me, taking an existing creation and bringing it back anew, but with the same heart and soul of the original. LT2 will be released in a wide variety of GID colors and some fun color changing options as well, so look forward to that in the coming weeks.

  Next up is a collaborative 100% Blind release, tentatively called "Orphans" featuring a brand new figure from myself and a brand new figure from a mystery artist. The first batch will be a limited drop of 10 blind bag sets, released in a never-to-be-used-again color option. Future drops of the Orphans sets will be in randomized colors and mixes. This will be fully blind, no early pics of the figures, no hints, no WIP photos, nothing. This is a potentially risky gimmick that could easily blow up in my face, but I think it'll be fun and that's what making toys is all about. INTRIGUE!!! Everyone loves intrigue.


11/22/18 - MDK UPDATE

With the upcoming release of the 2nd figure in the Mutant Doomsday Killers Series 1, those of you interested should know there are future expansions in the works. Both 3 3/4” carded figures and 5.5” MoTU style figures are on the horizon. These new releases will follow the release of the 3rd and final figure in the MDK Minifigure Series 1, so hang in there. The upside is that the 3rd figure should be available a lot sooner than expected (I know, the wait between 1 & 2 was a little longer than I would have liked too). More updates to come. Thanks.